OpenBI weighs in on Actian Vectorwise Hadoop integration


Actian, a leader in next generation big data management and creator of the analytic database Vectorwise and Action Apps, recently announced the availability of its Vectorwise 3.0 analytic database with advanced Hadoop integration.

Previously, companies using Hadoop data stores were challenged with the slowness of the file system’s batch processing of analytics. The Vectorwise Hadoop Connector brings Hadoop analysis closer to the business with extremely timely and responsive multi-user querying and analytics processing. The Vectorwise Hadoop Connector makes it possible for a much wider range of companies to embrace Hadoop technologies and capitalize on its benefits by either logically optimizing IT resources for unlimited low-cost storage or optimizing computational resources by performance requirements.

"An architecture that uses the massive data processing of Hadoop MapReduce to produce dimensionalized data sets that can quickly be moved to the high-performance Vectorwise SQL engine is compelling,” said Steve Miller, co-founder and president of OpenBI. “You get the best of both computational worlds: a reliable scalable data transformation engine in Hadoop MapReduce and a high-performance big data SQL engine in Vectorwise. The Vectorwise Hadoop Connector allows you to move data incredibly fast from one to the other - speeding the process timeline of data engineering to analytics.”

Read Actian's full press release on Vectorwise 3.0 analytic database with advanced Hadoop integration here.

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