Building the data-driven enterprise

While business intelligence remains central to OpenBI’s portfolio, we know that big data and analytics are increasingly important in achieving optimum BI. OpenBI has built a team of experts in end-to-end big data, analytics and business intelligence solutions.

Whether you’re looking for a roadmap, a pilot or a comprehensive implementation, tap into OpenBI’s core business intelligence and data warehousing expertise.
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Let OpenBI’s skills in the design and implementation of big data systems help you extend your data warehouse architecture and advanced business intelligence initiatives.
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We assist data scientists with our expertise in agile intelligence platforms and advanced analytics technologies.
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BI and beyond

Big data platforms capable of housing volumes that would be impractical with traditional RDBMS technology are a new point of entry for modern data warehouse architectures. Insights gained from big data analytics rely on the ability to access, process and, ultimately, extract data into RDBMS-based data warehouses as well as high performance analytics databases like Netezza, Vertica, Vectorwise, Infobright, Greenplum and Calpont.

Ingesting, storing and processing data, however, is just the beginning of the intelligence story. Modern, low-cost analytics platforms, such as Pentaho, Tableau and R, provide rich analytics functionality and visualization with enhanced agility – enabling support for the growing wave of data scientists in addition to traditional business analysts, executives and end users.

Cross Industry Expertise

We've seen it all. Our team works across industries, bringing their experience from one industry into another. OpenBI has implemented solutions for both Enterprise and OEM customers in a wide variety of industries including:
  • Media & Publishing
  • Insurance
  • Digital Advertising
  • Digital Agencies
  • Health Services
  • Retail & eCommerce
  • Wholesale Distribution & Logistics
  • High Tech
  • Marketing Services
  • Manufacturing
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